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Why CyberMentorPLUS?

CyberMentorPLUS is an award-winning programme that empowers young people to tackle cyberbullying and champion positive behaviour online. Rated 100% effective by participating schools, this groundbreaking programme is now available nationwide.

Crucially, it turns pupils into peer mentors – the CyberMentors – championing positive behaviour and changing lives for the better, whilst establishing best practice in online safety, as part of a whole school approach.

For schools, online bullying can result in prolonged absences, lower grades and lower attainment. Students may avoid lessons or school, altogether. But for children and young people who are the victims of cyberbullying, the impact can be much worse. From low self-esteem to increased risk of depression, anxiety, self-harm, and even suicide.

Available to all primary and secondary schools, CyberMentorPLUS is here to tackle cyberbullying before it becomes an issue in the classroom. And, before it adversely affects the lives of everyone involved.

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A Whole School Approach 

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. These days, it takes the entire school community to keep a child safe from online bullying. And it starts with putting children and young people at the heart of everything.

Our award-winning programme turns pupils into peer mentors. Through training and ongoing support, children and young people within primary and secondary schools are providing vital advice and guidance to their peers.

At all times, the focus is on equipping the CyberMentors with the tools, support and encouragement they need to tackle both the causes and effects of bullying online. Around them, we create a network of support and knowledge. How? By providing bespoke training and workshops for school staff, as well as parents and carers.

This approach ensures a whole school approach, as well as a clear hierarchy of responsibility, and a safe network for everyone involved.

Empowering Young People 

When young people are entrusted with the role of CyberMentor, we’ve seen their self-esteem flourish and their personal development advance beyond their years. From new confidence to new capabilities. It’s the chance to make a real difference, and to make their voices heard.

As ambassadors for the programme, CyberMentors find themselves doing anything from leading assemblies in other schools to speaking at conferences. All the while, they remain a visible presence in their own school, offering helpful advice and support to other students during scheduled drop-in sessions.

Through this role, young people gain vast exposure to a range of challenging, rewarding and fascinating experiences. All the while, the programme offers the right combination of support and responsibility – as well as a unique opportunity to shine.

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How the Programme is Delivered 

Here’s what’s included:

  • Initial consultation
    We get to know the unique environment of each participating school, so we can better tailor our programme to their exact needs.
  • Two days’ training for selected students
    Working closely with school staff, we identify and develop the students who will become the CyberMentors.
  • Bespoke training for school safeguarding teams
    By building capacity within existing teams, we ensure a whole school approach is in place to support the CyberMentors.
  • Promoting parent/carer awareness in online safety
    We engage with parents and carers to raise awareness around their role in helping to safeguard children and young people online.
  • Toolkit
    From leaflets and posters, to training materials and guidance – we equip participating schools with the tools they need to bring the programme to life.
  • Personalised school action plan
    We help participating schools create their own milestones and timeframes for implementing the programme within their community.
  • Ongoing support
    By keeping in touch and offering continued advice and support, our goal is to help each school community build a sustainable response to cyberbullying.

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