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About the CyberMentors

They’re here to listen, offer advice and champion online safety for all.

Wherever you find CyberMentorPLUS, you’ll find the CyberMentors. Thanks to the trusty CyberMentor badge, they have a reassuringly visible presence in schools. And thanks to the in-depth training we give them, they have a united approach.

Our CyberMentors come from all kinds of backgrounds and every age group, from 9 to 18 years. Typically, they’re individuals who have experienced bullying directly or indirectly – but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, someone becomes a CyberMentor simply because they want to help others overcome barriers and any issues they face.

What they all share is the same passion for the programme, and the same commitment to making a difference. And the great news is, the number of young people becoming CyberMentors is growing across schools every day.

Find out how the CyberMentorPLUS programme is delivered and our whole school approach

As well as mentoring peers and running anti-cyberbullying workshops and assemblies at their own schools, our CyberMentors have been busy delivering online safety sessions for parents and carers, and presenting to teachers at conferences.